God & The Machine
God & The Machine is a photographic exploration of the natural world around us juxtaposed to the concrete environment Man created. The project begins in the vast Landscape of the Everglades then flows into everyday city life and city landscapes. A preview exhibition was held on April 24, 2014 in Miami.
Exhibition: God & The Machine:
On April 24, 2014 in Miami, Florida, Mr. LaBrada's work was exhibited. Only a preview of the work from the series titled God & The Machine based off the experimental motion picture that Andres created whilst at the University of Miami. The project depicts the created landscape of God juxtaposed to the created landscape of Man. The series began a decade ago, however, the photography began in 2011 which consists of over 100 photos and the original film. 
Sawgrass Prairie, 2011
Black Bird, 2011
Everglades Waterways, 2012
Everglades Canal, 2013
The Road, 2012 
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